Vitamin E-ssential Cream, 1 oz.

Vitamin E-ssential Cream, 1 oz.External stressors like weather and sun, as well as dehydration, weaken the skin’s natural ability to replenish itself and maintain its youthful appearance. Topical vitamin E is a lipid-soluble nutrient that has been used for skin protection for years. Research indicates that topically applied vitamin E has the ability to deeply penetrate vital skin layers, where it accumulates and “locks-in” to support the skin’s natural barrier against the visible effects of UV radiation, moisture loss and lipid peroxidation. But there are 8 distinctly different forms of vitamin E110,111 — and some forms, known as tocotrienols, have been shown to be 40-60 times more effective at supporting antioxidant activities than other forms. Scientists have found that applying vitamin E to the skin greatly enhances dermal penetration and retention of moisture and natural skin lipids. Properly supported at a deep level, the skin’s dermal barrier helps to minimise the appearance of dry, dehydrated skin and inhibits premature skin ageing. Vitamin E-ssential Cream supports your skin’s natural ability to fight environmental stress and free radicals, while it helps to replenish the appearance of youthful skin.

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