Skin Care Collection Body Lotion, 170g

Skin Care Collection Body Lotion, 170gHealth Benefits at a Glance: The innovative Skin Care Collection Body Lotion formula supports all areas of your skin when applied and promotes youthful-looking skin by supporting moisturization and hydration of your skin. It also supports skin cell DNA health from UV-light damage thereby contributing to the smooth look and feel of youthful-looking skin.   Why it Works: Our skin often reveals our age and the state of our health, but if you do not take steps to care for your skin you may run the risk of looking much older as a result. However, there are a number of innovative bioactive compounds that can provide support for your skin. Life Extension's Skin Care Collection Body Lotionrestores the skin's surface on all skin areas and activates its protective barrier through a unique combination of rice bran ceramides, green tea leaf extract, shea butter, and raspberry plant extracts to keep your skin from losing moisture all the while it helps hydrate your skin cells and support healthy skin cell DNA so you can maintain and enjoy the soft and smooth feel of healthy skin.   The Science Behind the Product: Oryza rice-bran ceramides (0.5%) generates a protective barrier that maintains skin hydration to further diminish wrinkling [1]. Rice-bran ceramides prevent water loss and contribute to the skin’s protection against microbes and its protective barrier function. Scientists published a three-week human study about the effectiveness of oryza rice-bran ceramides. It was reported that those study participants who applied the oryza rice-bran ceramide cream had better-hydrated skin [1]. Skin Care Collection Body Lotion also contains shea butter which is a vitamin E-rich fat extract of an African plant. It works as a potent moisturizing agent [2].    How to Use: Apply daily after bath or shower to hydrate and firm skin, maintaining a healthy body epidermis.   Reference List: Asai S, Miyachi H. Evaluation of skin-moisturizing effects of oral or percutaneous use of plant ceramides. Rinsho Byori. 2007;55(3): 209-15. Olukemi OA, Oluseyi JM, Olukemi IO, et al. The Use of Selected Nigerian Natural Products in Management of Environmentally Induced Free Radical Skin Damage. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences.2005;8(8):1074-7. 

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