Similasan Irritated Relief Sterile Eye Drops - 0.33 oz

Similasan Irritated Relief Sterile Eye Drops - 0.33 oz Price: 9.26
<strong>Similasan Irritated Relief Sterile Eye Drops</strong><ul><li>Helps to soothe discomfort with Similasans Irritated Eye Relief multi-symptom sterile eye drops.</li><li>Irritated eye relief stimulates the bodys natural ability to relieve redness, water discharge, burning, grittiness, dryness and stinging due to environmental pollutants.</li><li>Its gentle enough for children and strong enough for adults.</li></ul><p><b>Provides multi-symptom eye relief due to:</b></p><ul><li>Dryness</li><li>Redness</li><li>Stinging</li><li>Burning</li><li> Grittiness</li><li>Watery discharge</li></ul><p></p><p><b>Features:</b></p><ul><li>Soothes eyes from environmental pollutants</li><li>Sting-free formula</li><li>Relieves dryness, clears redness, soothes and moisturizes</li><li>Gentle enough for kids, strong enough for adults</li></ul><p></p>
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