Daily Detox II Decaffeinated Green Tea, Passion Fruit - 30 ea

Daily Detox II Decaffeinated Green Tea, Passion Fruit - 30 ea Price: 8.03
<STRONG>Daily detox decaffeinated passion fruit tea</STRONG><ul><li>With decaffeinated green tea.</li><li> Passion fruit flavor.</li><li>30 Filterbags or sachets.</li><li>Traditionally, herbs have been used to support the healthy function of the liver, kidneys, lungs and blood, and for thousands of years.</li><li>The chinese have used herbs to cleanse toxins from the body.</li><li>Considered to be helpful in promoting clear, healthy skin, and increasing the flow of energy (Chi) to the body and mind, these herbs are also beneficial for promoting calmer, more positive and peaceful emotions.</li><li>Our daily detox tea formula combines 9 powerful chinese purification herbs for superior body cleansing.</li><li>Let wellements daily detox teas help you make purification part of your everyday life.</li><li>Daily Detox and Daily Detox II have unique cleansing formulas for lasting detoxification cycles.</li><li>Daily Detoxs difference is steeped in every cup.</li><li>We hand blend all natural whole leaf teas with fresh pure herbs.</li></ul>
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