Weight Loss Surgery vs Natural Weight Loss

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Weight Loss Surgery vs Natural Weight Loss

There are so many natural weight loss benefits to consider before agreeing undergoing a painful and costly surgery that has no guarantee. Too many people are seeing these weight loss surgeries as the easy way out instead of as a lost option, which is what they were meant to be.

Natural weight loss benefits are so much more motivating than those of surgery. With natural weight loss you are not shocking your body into starvation with an intensely reduced stomach. Instead you are retraining your body to appreciate the right foods that provide the nutrients you need to be healthy.

Some of the damaging side effects of weight loss surgeries include post-surgery blood clots, sagging skin and other medical complications. While throwing a clot or becoming septic are rare issues, sagging skin is incredibly common.

Sagging skin occurs when the elasticity in the skin has been stretched too far and then the skin is emptied too quickly. One of the natural weight loss benefits is that is happens over time so that the entire body can adjust to the changes and so that your skin has time to reshape itself to the new you.

Other natural weight loss benefits include the introducing of better habits into your lifestyle. By taking the time to learn to eat well, to learn to appreciate and enjoy regular exercise, and to learn coping skills for strong cravings or binge days you are setting yourself up for long term success!

The Truth About Weight Loss Surgery

Losing weight might be a simple mathematical equation of “this much in” and “this much out” but keeping the weight off is a delicate system of habits and routine that you learn over time. Having surgery is not going to rewire your brain or your eating habits.

Yes, at first weight loss surgery will help you lose a lot of weight and you will not feel like eating very much. But that goes away with time. About 50% of those that have gastric bypass surgery begin to regain the weight after two years. Your body will adjust. Your stomach can expand all over again.

Natural weight loss benefits far exceed the benefits of gastric bypass surgery because they are not just physical benefits but emotional and mental benefits as well. You will be proud of yourself for having achieved such an amazing goal and you will have a stronger incentive to keep the weight off because you understand what it takes to lose it.

Losing weight through natural means is also infinitely better for your overall health. Surgery is very risky and people can die on the table, even during routine procedures. It’s a risk that should only be taken when there is no other alternative.

Another reason to lose weight naturally is that it is less expensive. Gastric bypass surgery or lap band surgery is costly and most insurance companies will only cover part of the cost, if they will assist at all. You could be paying the surgery off for years and, without the right habits, you will probably be paying it when the weight starts to come back.

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