Tower X’s 2, Loss X’s 3 & Weekly Menu

Hi all! How was your weekend? I have to say my weekend was awesome. I took the Tower Challenge, not once, but, successfully climbed it twice this weekend. I also lost for the third week in a row too, down another .4 lbs. I know some might say, oh, hmm, not a big deal to lose just a 1/2 lb. But, imagine if you were guaranteed to lose a 1/2 lb per week for a year? That’s 26 lbs a year and I’d take that any day!

Before heading out to meet my friend to hike, I whipped up 2 scrambled eggs with a Trader Joe’s hash brown patty “fried” in 1 tsp avocado oil. (5 sp).I grabbed a tall nonfat cappuccino for the road before heading out of town (2 sp).Pre Hike Eats – Buddha Thai! We shared everything but couldn’t finish it all. That’s probably a good thing….Next time, I will eat after as I was so miserable climbing on a full belly lol.

2 Fresh Avocado Spring Rolls (4 sp).3/4 cup Drunken Shrimp Noodles (6 sp).1/2 cup Thai Chili Cashew Chicken with 1/3 cup brown rice (3 sp).Post Hike Eats – after looping the lagoon and hiking to the top then back.

Picklewich – (1 slice bread with spicy mustard, turkey, pepperjack, pickles & BBQ chips) plus a few extra chips on the side for good measure. (8 sp).28 Daily WWFreestyle Smartpoints, 18K steps

I have a banana and cutie planned for later if I get hungry.


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