A bit of success…

Hi all! How was your Tuesday? Today was overall a good day even if it didn’t quite go as planned. I decided to sleep in as I’d head out for a long lunch time walk. I packed my lunch, had my non eggy breakfast and hit the road.

My coworker decided to ditch our companies lunchtime yoga and asked if Jack’s Urban Eats sounded good. Umm, always! At least I got the salmon salad and skipped urban fries. Then, The Husband asked for Fire Wings – he got hooked on this place awhile back when we took our nephew. I picked veggie stix in lieu of fries so there is a bit of success in that too even if I didn’t really cook or workout today.

Tomorrow is a new day and I plan to check off all the boxes on my list!

Daily Snap Recap:B: Oikos Strawberry Triple Zero Greek Yogurt with a banana & strawberries (3 sp)

L: Jack’s Urban Eats Sesame Ginger Salmon Salad (6 sp)

S: Small nonfat cappuccino with caramel on the foam (2 sp)

D: Fire Wings – 5 Boneless Thai Chili Chicken Bites (10 sp), Veggie Sticks with ranch (2 sp)

23 Daily WWFreestyle Smartpoints, 6K steps

Night all!

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