Yesterday morning I got a bit of a shocker for my weekly weigh in: 199 pounds. Whoa! Literally. Stop! I didn't expect to see the dial sooo close to that 200 mark! It snapped me to the reality of this gain trend I am on. I already am down to ONE pair of jeans that fit (and even they are too tight now) so I have to do laundry constantly to have something to wear. Can't keep going down this path, even for a couple weeks before I leave on vacation. And I am going to need summer clothes for the trip! I sure don't want to have to buy bigger sizes.

Yesterday I had coffee with cream in the morning. Lunch at 1 was a bowl of vegetable soup, a salad, and one bread stick. I snacked on sliced cheese, ham, and olives. I posted my dinner on Instagram (bbq beef, salad, carrots, and pickles) and in the evening I had sugar free hot cocoa with cinnamon and whipped cream, I was relieved to see the scale drop back to 197 this morning, but will keep on going with this to keep it moving in the right direction.

I am definitely having carb cravings, a lot of hunger, headaches and a lot of "food thoughts" but I'll get through it and then this will be easier. Sticking to lower carb. My dinner plans for this week include Thai green curry chicken with veggies, ribeye steaks with a small baked potato and broccoli, maybe taco salad, and cabbage soup. I will probably make the soup today or tomorrow so I have a big pot to eat whenever I am hungry. I also want to make some cucumber sour cream dill salad and have a bunless burger sometime this week.

Today I am craving a tuna sandwich with chips. I think that will be my lunch, with just one piece of bread and a few chips and a side of baby carrots. I also want to make a pan of my favorite keto brownies, so I have something sweet that won't derail my efforts.

Have a great week!

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