Weekend Fun & Weekly Menu

Hi all! How was your weekend? Our weekend was fantastic on so many levels. The good….losing another .8 lbs at weigh in, hiking, walking, massages, watching movies,  relaxing and delicious eats. The maybe not as good….the only thing I actually “cooked” this weekend was my toast this morning lol.

We kicked off Saturday with WW, breakfast and this beautiful hike.My usual breakfast at Huckleberry’s – 2 eggs over medium, 2 pieces bacon, 1 slice dry sourdough and 2 hashbrown bites. (6 sp).A perfectly made tall nonfat cappuccino with caramel on the foam which makes it like a marshmallow (2 sp).Post hike I had a crunchy chicken taco from Vasquez with 1/2 of his side of beans & cheese (5 sp each or 10 sp).Next on our list was a couples massage at The Spa at Cache Creek….I only wish I had taken my phone to take a picture of the candle lit rose pedal room. It was awesome!

We gambled a bit before heading to Buckhorn Steakhouse for dinner.

I’m proud that I had only 1 slice of this hot, doughy sourdough.I had Honey Ginger Salmon plate and it was so good. My other proud moment….eating just til satisfied…about 2/3 of my salmon, my asparagus and 4 garlic mash bites.

P.S. I had Rodney Strong Cabernet (it was just ok), but my salmon was ordered it medium, it wasn’t fishy & I loved it!This morning I decided to try this 2 point per slice Eureka Organic Sweet Baby Grains bread.Toasted & topped with 1 Tablespoon crunchy almond butter (5 sp).

The verdict – it’s not bad but definitely tastes healthy.After working most of the morning, we headed out for a walk in the sunshine to the Joy of Eating for lunch.What I wanted to order…..What I actually ordered…

Chef Salad with ranch on the side. I ended up taking like half the cheese, turkey and ham off as it was too much. (6 sp).The Husband has been asking me for Panda Express for over a week now and tonight I figured why start cooking now 🙂

I had the Wok Fried Shrimp (6 sp), String Bean Chicken (3 sp), 1/2 steamed veggies and 4 bites of noodles….throwing the rest out! All together with my fortune cookie for 14 Smartpoints.

The new shrimp is sweet and spicy – I like it.28 Daily WWFreestyle Smartpoints, 8K steps


What is on your menu this week?

Night all!

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