It's almost halfway through the month already. I thought I should give a progress report.

I kind of expected that by now I would be biking a lot more and well on my way to taking off the 9 pounds I regained after the accident, but no. I am not biking (pain came back, had to take a break again, and have been using a different machine at PT) and I weigh 188 pounds, up one pound from January 1. I am going to try the bike again today or tomorrow.

I did go to see my endocrinologist this week. I was up 7 pounds on their scale since my last visit in September. I got a new script for phentermine and have 3 months to drop at least 10 pounds by my next visit, or that's the end of phentermine for me. I also had blood work done and my TSH level was almost nonexistent... 0.021. I find that pretty weird considering it was 7.9 a year and a half ago and has usually been around 2 over the years. They cut my Synthroid dose in half and might take me off it completely at my next visit.

Maybe I do need the phentermine to keep losing right now. I know I am pretty good at maintaining in the 180's even without the drug, so I am hopeful that when I reach a lower weight I will learn how to maintain there without it as well, especially if I am more active.

I have not been super motivated to lose more weight. I just need to get myself in that mindset (excited about losing) because right now, I am pretty content where I am. But I do know ten or twenty pounds off would feel a lot better and be better for my joints. So let's see if I can get a few pounds off before the end of the month!

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