Success on the go…

Happy Tuesday all! How do you all handle eating on the go? I managed to balance out my day by picking a salad for one meal and making the “smart choice” eating only what I really wanted with my other meals. Most inportantly, I kept myself accountable and in check by tracking it all.

Today was a super busy, but, productive day that started out with a work road trip to the city. My first meeting of the day was at this cute place called Doyle’s Street Cafe.The inside is so quaint and inviting.Funny fact, my coworker and I sat on the same side of the table waiting for the others. I think this threw the waiters off like um ok…Breakfast was so good! I had 2 eggs over medium with 1 slice dry sourdough and I couldn’t resist eating all the bacon. My success was skipping the potatoes. (9 sp).I tried to say I could skip lunch because I do not usually have a big breakfast midweek. But, 5 hours later my stomach disagreed.

We decided to stop for Taco Tuesday!

It’s easy to not eat too many chips when you scoop your own at the salsa bar (4 sp).I had 2 street tacos (1 chicken & 1 shrimp) with alot of pico + salsa for 6 smartpoints.I ended up working late and then grabbing Habit Burger with The Husband for dinner.

I had the Southwestern BBQ Chicken.  Look at all the zero point options meaning it’s just the bacon, cheese and sauce/dressing to count. I didn’t need the dressing as the BBQ sauce was enough (6 sp)

Chargrilled chicken breast atop a bed of hand-cut fresh garden greens with fire-roasted corn, pickled red onions, diced tomatoes, hickory-smoked bacon, and crumbled feta cheese

25 Daily WWFreestyle Smartpoints, 6K steps

Night all!

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