Not Losing

I am not losing any weight so far this month. In fact, I'm still gaining. Ten days into the month and I am up 3 pounds. Intermittent fasting went out the window, phentermine stayed in the bottle, and I stayed in the house while the snow has been falling. I've been eating lots of carby comfort foods... a winter habit of mine from long ago. "It's time" from my last post turned into "not really" and weight loss just has not been the priority. I'll give it another start tomorrow and see if I can't stay motivated enough to make it stick this time. I'm not worried... I have kept off a huge amount of weight and this bit of regain will come back off as I work at it from now through spring.

Happiness does not have to wait until you are under a certain number. Yes, it's easier to be happy when you feel well and can do the things you want to do. But trust me on this one... happiness *does not* hinge on being a certain size or weight. It's a state of mind, and as long as you are loving yourself and accepting your body and doing the best you can under your circumstances for your health, you CAN claim happiness as yours! So smile... whether you're having a candy bar or a salad tonight. Do work on your health, don't let your body turn painful or too heavy for you to enjoy life, but be happy while you work it. Not just in the end.

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