Lesson learned….

Hi all! Thanks you for all the nice comments and messages I received all day on yesterday’s post – it totally made my day. Speaking of today….sometimes I can do things so right and others not so much.

Like starting my day off with these Zero Point Southwestern Turkey Frittata Muffins with a super sweet orange.I even got my tall nonfat cappuccino sans caramel drizzle (2 sp).I fit in an hour long walk before coming back to this satisfying and easy lunch.

Banana Almond Butter sandwich (1 slice Nature’s Own Butter Bread topped with 1 Tbsp crunchy almond butter plus banana) – 5 Smartpoints.Plus extra banana “chips” and zero point salt & pepper cucumber chips.Work didn’t really go my way – it seemed like everything I picked up couldn’t be finished or had something wrong.

I had this idea to take a break with my coworker to go buy the 3 new Lays flavors for everyone to try.

We walked there and I am glad the universe knew I can’t have chips as they were all sold out. I settled instead on just an iced coffee.

That is where the problem started…..I wanted chips and I should’ve just bought a small bag because I ‘searched’ to satisfy my craving all afternoon.

I had 3 of these mini cheese balls (3 sp).Then a cheese stick (2 sp) and half a bag Trader Joe’s cashews (3 sp). *Sigh*Lesson learned – omg, just buy what you are craving (single serving) and eat the chips already! 😀

I did come home to satisfy my salty side and made up this delicious Greek Tortellini Pasta Salad.I couldn’t wait to dive into this salad – cheesy pasta pockets, sweet tomatoes, cool cucumbers, tangy pepperoncini, briny olives….so much to love for only 6 WWFreestyle Smartpoints for my bowl.21 Daily WWFreestyle Smartpoints, 15K steps

Tomorrow is a new day and I will have a bit more self control because I am actually over the chips now lol. It’s amazing how putting it in writing can do that to you.

Night all!

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