9 Kettlebell Moves to Burn Major Calories and Build Some Muscle

9 Kettlebell Moves to Burn Major Calories and Build Some Muscle

If you've ever looked at a kettlebell and wondered, "What the hell do I do with that?", you're not alone! But rather than continuing to be intimidated by arguably one of the most valuable workout tools, it's time to introduce yourself to a kettlebell once and for all. Not only is it more versatile (and fun!) than your traditional dumbbell, but it's also great for building strength and mobility. And to top it all off, you actually burn more calories per session as kettlebell work calls for flowing sequences over static reps. To help you get started, we've created a beginner-friendly guide that answers basic questions and then dives into moves that you can incorporate into your own fitness routine.

What is a kettlebell?

We've all had this question at some point! A kettlebell is cast-iron, ball-shaped weight with a single handle. Its unique shape allows you to combine strength and flexibility training and cardio.

How heavy should I start out?

We recommend you begin with a eight-kg (18-pound) kettlebell or 12 kg if you're working just your lower body.

What are the benefits of using a kettlebell?

"Incorporating kettlebell flows into your fitness routine can help you maximize your overall fitness by allowing you to work on various fitness components all at once," said Eric Leija, senior kettlebell specialist at Onnit, also known as primal.swoledier on Instagram. "Kettlebell flowing enhances your endurance, strength, and mobility and allows you to explore different movements to keep your routine fun and challenging."

What is a kettlebell flow?

"A kettlebell flow essentially is a combination of individual kettlebell movements pieced together into a seamless 'flow' or routine," Eric said. "An example of this would be sequencing a kettlebell clean, swing, and snatch, then repeating the movements in this order for a given amount of time or repetitions."

Without further ado, here are nine kettlebell exercises to get comfortable doing.