I stopped juicing because quite frankly, IT SUCKS! And I'm done with it.

Juicing IS incredible for your health.

It's an easy way to get your 3-5 servings of vegetables in for the day, boosting your nutrition through the roof. Your body just seems to function better with an abundance of nutrients going for it, doesn't it?

It's also one of the most highly regarded ways to lose weight, allowing you to get all your nutrients in from satisfying vegetables and fruits with having to starve yourself one single bit.

Let's be clear: I'm not saying you shouldn't get as much organic vegetables and fruits into your diet as possible. Getting 3-5 servings a day into your diet is absolutely essential for health and well-being.

You basically have a few ways to get your vegetables in for the day:

One, you can become a salad addict, munching your ways through a small mountain of vegetables every meal.

Or two, you can turn over a significant part of your life each day, sentenced to standing in front of a $200+ juicer and a refrigerator bursting with expensive organic vegetables.

Once you've made the commitment to juice, you'll need...

* A high paying job. $5 - $10 of organic vegetables and fruits, doesn't sound like much, but do the math for a moment. That's $3650 PER YEAR. Just for juice!

* Time carved out of your schedule to make grocery runs every couple days.

* A better place to live. Finding fresh, organic vegetables year round is practically impossible unless you live in a fresh veggie part of the US.

* Patience. Lots of patience. You'll probably need audiobooks too. Because you'll need something to occupy your mind as you chop and peel and wash your vegetables. Not to mention feeding them slowly one handful at a time into that $250 juicer.

* Upgraded taste buds. Why? Because it's only the most sophisticated palettes that have a deep appreciation for the taste of fresh cut grass. Or better yet, gourmet apple grass juice.

* A serious addiction to cleaning. Meticulously cleaning juicers can take as much as 30 minutes ALONE to do it right. Done daily, that's 730 hours a year!

After that kind of commitment, you'd think you'd be bursting with health and vitality!

Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth.

All those expensive organic vegetable and tropical fruits may not be all your body needs.


Because the once nutrient rich farmland has become depleted. That means you'll have no choice but supplement with a multivitamin.

Not to mention, some experts say high-speed centrifugal juicing destroys the very nutrients you want in your diet. Studies are inconclusive, but just the thought of wasting all that money on juicing with no sense of certainty you're getting maximum value makes me cringe.

I've discovered a better way...

Of course, vegetables ARE essential to your health.

Even the best supplement pales by comparison, when it comes to fighting aging, unleashing powerful antioxidants, macronutrients, vitamins, minerals, fiber and enzymes in your body.

But you'd have to agree, there must be a better way to do it without the hassle and expense.

And the good news is, I've found it!

I have to tell you about a better and far easier way to get all your daily nutritional needs and then some into your diet...

It's so incredible, I've done the unthinkable and sold my juicer--never to juice again!

I can’t tell you what a relief it is to never have to juice again. I don't miss it for a moment.

No more being chained to my juicer, no more incessant cleaning, no more needing to budget for buying a second refrigerator for all my vegetables, no more buying expensive out-of-season vegetables that are past their prime.

Maybe most importantly, no more paying $5 to $10 for a simple glass of juice.

And I definitely don't miss the washing, chopping, cutting, only to throw it all into the compost pile just moments after.

What I've been doing is SUCH A RELIEF! And even better, there's no need to spend good money on outrageously expensive smoothies at those high-priced franchises or drink shots of wheatgrass shots at $5 a pop.

In fact, each serving takes just 30 seconds to make and contains all your daily nutrition needs and more--and at the same time, costs JUST $1.36 per serving.

You can make a glass in snap, with water or almond milk and just a spoon or a water bottle.

Maybe best of all, each serving contains no sugar and there's no gag-reflex from the yucky taste of wet grass and green foam.

P.S. I'm not saying anyone has to abandon juicing at all.

If building a respect-worthy compost heap worth thousands of dollars is your thing, who am I who to hold anyone back?

My words are meant for people who experience those frequent days when  pulling out the juicer, doing all that prep work on that wheelbarrow full of vegetables is out of the question.

If that's you, I encourage you to try my better way. I think you appreciate the taste, as well as the time and money savings.

I strongly suggest you check this out so you don’t go a day without your health-boosting nutrition:

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